The entire area where the wine cellars and vineyards of Tre Secoli is found, is dedicated to wine-growing and is located within the high hills area (about 450 meters in the higher elevation points) which rises between the basins of the Upper Monferrato Belbo and the Bormida river.

It is an area with a temperate climate with a Mediterranean influence and, moreover, the sea is only 40 kilometers away as the crow flies, with a low average rainfall and a good variation in the daily temperature: an ideal climate for the vines. The vineyards overseen by the Cantina Tre Secoli stand entirely on hilly and largely steeply sloping sides.

The soil originates from the marine deposits of the Tertiary Age and is well drained thanks to its slopes. It is rich in silt and carbonates. The territory of Tre Secoli is furthermore largely located within the Piedmontese Vinecultivating Landscapes. The 50th UNESCO site of Italy was also listed as a World Heritage Site.

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